3 Quick Ways to Add Some Calm to Your Classroom

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Classroom Calm

Everyone wants a calm classroom. Without it, your day feels rushed, loud and unbelievably long. A bit of peace and quiet can help you to achieve focus and get that classroom management back under control. Focus = better learning, and we all want to see that in our classrooms! So, without further ado, I’m suggesting 3 easy ways to create some calm in your classroom…

  • Give your learning environment a natural make-over.

I know you’ve probably put a lot of time and effort into making your room a fun and exciting place to be. Unfortunately, too many bright colours can be a distraction to our little learners.

Generally speaking, pastel and natural colours are considered the best shades to promote a peaceful environment. Bringing in some outdoor elements can also help; consider some house plants or make decorations with natural materials.

Aim to make your environment as relaxing as possible by helping them feel a little more in touch with nature…Boho classroom concepts, ooooh.

  • Add a touch of class with some background music.

I’m sure you are already familiar with the idea that music can help kids to concentrate in the classroom. Adding some background sounds can help provide a focal point which tunes (haha) out other distractions.

If your classroom is anything like mine, you’ll need to introduce this a bit at a time. The first time I played music (classical, calm music I might add…), pirouettes were happening. Everywhere. Make music part of your daily routine to ensure a less balletic reaction.

If you aren’t keen on including background music, consider using a soundtrack of natural sounds. A few minutes of natural rainforest or birdsong can do the trick just as well; it’s always fun to see if they can identify the sounds!

  • Engage your learners with some soulful breathing.

When it all gets too much (normally around the point where you feel your brain starting to shut down), call for a moment of silence. Get them sitting comfortably and turn off a few of the lights, open the windows if you can!

Creating a silent space can help calm down an excitable group. Teach them how to breathe slowly, take deep breaths in and out. Breathing slowly for a while can help to lower their heart rates and blood pressure (scientifically proven methods for subduing the wildness!).

If you don’t have time for this, don’t worry! Even a minute or two of deep breathing can be effective. Turning off the lights and having a moment of silence really helps to catch their focus and bring them back down to Earth. Space Cadets, no more!

Even though we love our active students, sometimes we all need a moment of peace. Have a shot at using these methods to instil a little calm in your classroom today. Above all, be the person you want to see. Kindies love to feed off your energy…time to become master of Zen.