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Hello and welcome! I’m glad you’ve found this page. This is where I’m going to share a little about me…

So, hello! I’m Lizzie. I’m a kindergarten teacher who made the big move from the U.K. to Hong Kong! It’s been a fun-filled ride so far and I still feel like I’ve got lots more to experience!

I’m a teacher by profession, but also by nature. I love sharing my knowledge and helping others to achieve their full potential. Now, I’m spending lots of time thinking about something greener: connecting children with the environment.

The Savvy Seeds is a place to understand more about the importance of nature, both in education and child development. It’s a place to think about how we can encourage our children to reconnect with the natural world around them. It’s a place to think about the future!

If you are visiting for the first time, you might like to start here for some fun outdoorsy thoughts: Science Outside the Classroom

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