Bees! 3 Things We Need to Teach About Bees!

3 Things to Teach About Bees

As you may be aware, bees play a vitally significant role in our ecosystem. You might also know that bees are under threat for several reasons, from aggressive agricultural methods to climate change.

It’s important to keep our bee population up, but how do we introduce this topic to our young tots? After all…they’re the ones who need to know.

Bees are our friends!

First of all, don’t bee (haha…) afraid! A number of children I’ve witnessed are simply terrified of bees. Especially those living in an urban setting who aren’t quite used to things buzzing around them.

Introduce our buzzy friends as insects who means no harm. There’s a wonderful book by Elle J. McGuiness called Bee and Me, which you can find here on Amazon. It introduces the importance of bees and tells you a bit about the roles they play.

Bees do what?!

Pollination! It’s a long word with a big impact. For those of you who have seen The Bee Movie (love it!), you know that bees pollinate our flowers and help keep the plant life running along properly.

Last year I made a set of cardboard bees attached to ice-lolly sticks and stuck a pompom underneath. The children then dipped the pompoms into paint (pollen) and dabbed them over flowers I had printed onto paper.

As the paint from different colours began to mix all together, children could easily see how pollen from one flower is transported onto other flowers.

How can we help bees?

Now comes the most important part, how can children make a difference! This is a key concept here at The Savvy Seeds, what tools can we give children to help them shape their world?

Greenpeace has an awesome page you can find here:

This page introduces the different threats facing the bee population and provides a call to action. You can support the change towards ecological farming by signing a petition. It also tells you to plant bee-friendly flowers!

Bee Friendly have created a great list of 25 plants that bees love!

Help your savvy little seeds get friendly with bees!

Bee on Flower